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The Sant Nirankari Mission is neither a religion nor a sect already prevalent in the world; rather it is a spiritual movement. It is a way of leading a virtuous householder's life while remaining devoted to the 'FORMLESS GOD'.
The Mission endeavors to establish Universal Brotherhood through granting the perception of the Supreme Father, God, in every human being. Thereby including love, understanding and non-violence.
The Mission firmly believes in the fundamental truth that the Formless God is the Sole Creates Nurturer and Destroyer of this visible universe and HE is worth knowing. And his realization is attainable only in human life through the grace of a God-realized soul and its bestowed is known as the TRUE MASTER or SATGURU.
The TRUE MASTER or SATGURU is the embodying of the Formless God that works through a physical form and is not bound by any particular caste or religion. As a matter of whole of humanity and emancipates through divine knowledge.
Devotees who perceive that the Formless God - 'NIRANKARI' is all pervading i.e., HE is in every particle of the universe, is a NIRANKARI. They remember him all the time, everywhere and in all circumstances.

History of the Mission:
The Sant Nirankari Mission Started as a Spiritual movement in Peshawar in 1929, when Baba Buta Singhji began to preach these messages.
In 1943, Baba Buta Singhji passed on the responsibly to lead the Mission and take its massage forward, to his distinguished devotee as well as a dedicated disciple, Baba Autar Singhji.
In 1962, Baba Autar Singhji passed on the Spiritual mentorship of the Mission to Baba Gurubachan Singhji.
But in 1980, 24th April Baba Gurubachan Singhji was assassinated and ever since this Supreme sacrifice of His, the divine responsibility has been carrying out by His Holiness Baba Hardev Singhji Maharaj.
Under the divine guidance of the True Master The Sant Nirankari Mission is presenting a beautiful picture of unity in diversity. It is collecting different flowers of humanity.
In other words, the Mission is a living expression of the saying that 'religion unites and never divides'.

* Devotion
Ordinarily, devotion is aimed at God-realization, but Mission reiterates that devotion to God is truly meaning full only after knowing and realizing God that is "FIRST KNOW, then WORSHIP'.
Only after the realization of the omnipresence of the all-pervading God. We imbibe Saintly traits and the sense of ego dissolves making place for feeling of love, respect, service and humility to take roots and become an integral part of life.

* Universal Brotherhood
The Mission believes that there is no way to bring about Universal Brotherhood without realizing the Fatherhood of one Universal God.
This spirit of Unity eliminates the possibilities of confrontation between the various efforts being aimed for the development and welfare of the mankind. For this reason, science advancement does not contradict spirituality instead compliments to the later.
But the gigantic structure of scientific progress cannot stand without spirituality as its foundation. That scientist who believes in Universal brotherhood will use science for the up liftment of the society and not for the annihilation.
Thus, the Sant Nirankari Mission does not consider science as an impediment in the path of human perfection; on the other hand, the Mission is of the views that Spiritual enlightenment is essential for scientific and material progress.

* Reform
The Sant Nirankari Mission believes that every individual constitute society; and once this each unit - the individual, reforms himself or herself and then his or her family, then society as a whole will be reformed.

* Social Welfare
After imbibing the divine knowledge, one proceeds towards Godliness and all the human values get reflected in one's behavior. Inspired by these values all the devotees (Nirankaris) voluntarily participate in the social welfare activities.
Today, Satguru Babaji is carrying on many programs of social welfare throughout the world, like:
* Blood Donation Camps
* Eye Treatment and Operation Camp
* Health Check-up Camps etc.

The Blood Donation Camps are being held in every part of India and in all the worldwide centers on 24th April every year to mark the sacrifice of Baba Gurubachan Singhji.
Nirankari Baba says "Today there are people who shed the blood of innocent people on the roads and in streets. But efforts should be that blood must flow in Veins and not in Drains. Devotees do not shed blood of others; rather they donate blood so that it may give new life to others by flowing in their veins."
Along with spiritual knowledge, the Mission has a number of educational institutions at various places, where formal education is imparted to students so that they grow up as ideal citizen with noble character.

There are SANT NIRANKARI PUBLIC SCHOOLS and SANT NIRANKARI COLLEGES are also there to impart university level education in areas like Sonepat, Lopar to name a few.
The SANT NIRANKARI BHAWANS have become a common forum for different sections of the society that is open for everyone irrespective of caste or sect.
Thereby presenting a picture of an ideal relationship based on pure lone and other human values. Nirankari Baba initiated and developed the custom of Simple and Mass Marriages, laying stress on avoiding dory and unnecessary pomp and show during the weddings.
Steps to wipe of intoxication had been taken and the success achieved in this field is certainly unique.
The Sant Nirankari Mission is always in the forefront regarding relief measures at the time of natural calamities such as earthquake, floods, cyclone etc. in any part of the country. Volunteers of the Mission's SEWADAL can be seen working and devoting all their resources - physical, mental and material during times of need.

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